Friday, 16 November 2012

'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars' Is The Greatest Album Ever

The title, although long, expresses the main idea this article covers. The more and more I listen to that album and the more obsessed I become with David Bowie the more that statement seems totally true to me. So here are ten good reasons (out of a million) that it is just that.
1. It's INTERESTING. Like, some albums, you've heard him once and you just don't need to hear it again, maybe it's total AOR or all the songs sound the same. Each song is unique and interesting and creative.
2. Killer band. I mean, who sings better than Bowie, who's a better guitarist than Mick Ronson? The whole albums is full of genius musicianship and unusual sounds.
3. The quality of the songs. Each and every one of them is fabulous. Five Years. Soul Love. Moonage Daydream. Starman. It Ain't Easy. Lady Stardust. Star. Hang On To Yourself. ZIGGY STARDUST. Suffragette City. Rock And Roll Suicide. Wonderful, wonderful songs. I've got to declare Ziggy and Suicide to be my favorites though.
4.It's totally timeless. I mean, some of those other glam songs remind you of a strange era more than they make you think of other things. The songs on this album don't just represent glam rock, they represent music at its finest.
5.The lyrics are epic. Bowie was a gifted and witty lyricist,and although I'll confess a bit of it goes over my head, I know it's all important, meaningful stuff. Tell me if Ziggy Stardust is not the most ingenious account of a rock star ever.
6. The Marc Bolan referrences. I mean, I idolize Bolan, love him as much as I love Bowie, so I think it's cool that Bowie pays hommage to him. I appreciate anything positive I hear about Marc Bolan because Marc recieved a lot of harsh, unfair criticism in his time and in my opinion it drove him to depression and drinking and ultimately caused his death. Lady Stardust is his official character but I have a strong theory that Ziggy was based on him too, which I'll save for a later post.
7. You never get tired of it. At least, I listen to it ten times a day and I'm not tired of it yet.
8. It tells an interesting story and holds to a great concept without getting irritating. I mean, you look at guys like ELP who did concept albums which make you want to punch them in the mouth. Ziggy loosely follows a great concept- the all too real rise and fall of a rock band. And he tells it with Bowie flair.
9.It's long and satisfying. For example Van Halen put out good albums with solid songs but as a whole they leave an unsatisfied taste in your mouth. Like they just didn't give you enough. Ziggy gives you eleven songs of good length and doesn't drag for a moment, or go by too fast.
10. It's David Bowie, what more must be said?

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