Wednesday, 26 March 2014

One big rambling paragraph about how great the first two Ozzy Osbourne solo albums are

     "Blizzard Of Ozz" and "Diary Of A Madman" may very well be the two best albums Ozzy ever did. Correction. They might be the best two rock albums made in the 80s. Correction. They might be the two best rock albums ever made (to the exception of Led Zeppelin). Correction. They might be the two best albums ever made (to the exception of Led Zeppelin). I mean, listening to those albums again and again is convincing me more and more each time that they are rock and roll's true masterpieces. Each one is loaded with amazing songs- there isn't a bad one on either album. The music is heavy but melodic, memorable and radio friendly without being nauseatingly commcercial, enjoyable, lyrically fantastic, creative, distinct, unique and fresh. I mean face it- nobody is tired of Crazy Train. The radio stations play the shit out of it but you don't turn it off ever, do you? Because it still sounds great. The music on these albums is totally timeless and just so good that you couldn't get tired of it if it was all you ever listened to. They're a great mix of straight ahead rockers like Over The Mountain, political relevance like Revelation (Mother Earth), soulful like Goodbye To Romance, heartbreakingly powerful like You Can't Kill Rock And Roll and Tonight, hard driving like I Don't Know, catchily melodic like S.A.T.O, groovy and funky like Believer, sentimental like You Looking At Me Looking At You, dark and creepy like Mr. Crowley, Suicide Solution and the chilling Diary of a Madman. Of all of them I'll say I'm probably mostly a sucker for You Can't Kill Rock and Roll and S.A.T.O. mostly. And don't forget Dee. That's such a pretty, tasteful piece. The musicianship on the albums is particularly notable- the finest work of rock's finest guitarist Randy Rhoads. Ozzy's vocals are fabulous as well and just how tuneful and melodic the songs are without being any less hardcore is what defines Ozzy's style as his own. Okay. I'm done rambling now. Just go listen to these albums if you haven't already.

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