Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Joe Lynn Turner Wore A Wig And So What?

     Rainbow being my favorite band at the moment and Joe Lynn Turner being my idol, I Google'd his name the other day only to find the words most associated with his name included "bald," "without wig" and "hairpiece".
     OH COME ON.  Our hangups on Joe Lynn Turner concerning his hair are just plain stupid. Over the Internet people are more concerned with his hairdo then the man or the music. Give the guy a break. Maybe at sixty-one with a head of hair like that it's more then obvious that he wears one, so why even bother pointing it out? Does it matter that much? Joe was a rock god of a musician with one hell of a legacy behind him. If he can make himself look better than he would normally, why shouldn't he? As nice as his hair looked on him back in the day... it just isn't that important.  What's even less important is whether it's his or not. Remember Joe for his personality and for his music, for who and what he was and not what he wears on his head. For the love of Rainbow, leave him alone!

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