Friday, 7 September 2012

Underrated Musician #4: Michael Fennelly

Okay now, seriously, WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THIS GUY? I mean, he got good reviews on his "Lane Changer" album back in 1974 and I thought his music sounded interesting so I looked him up. Now, some of these obscure guys you find are okay, or they sound decent or whatever, but not up to standards of what you hear on the radio. This guy is good. I mean he's GOOD. I mean who the hell would listen to White Lion or Motorhead when there are musicians like Fennelly out there who are just so much better? His music is versatile, he had the best backing musicians and above all else he wrote good songs worthy of the likes of Led Zeppelin-actually the thought of some of his rockers being Zeppelin-written isn't too far out a statement. His voice contains traces of Billy Squier- or I should say Billy Squier's voice contains traces of Michael Fennelly cause Michael was out there first. But sadly and for a reason I do not understand, Fennelly's two solo albums just didn't sell, and his only commercial success came with his group Crabby Appleton, who reached #31 on the Billboard charts with "Go Back." Appleton was great too, really, very unique sounding. Fennelly stopped recording after his first two albums didn't unfair. If there's one musician out there who deserves more recognition, it's Michael Fennelly above all else.

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