Tuesday, 11 September 2012


While on vacation I found myself watching an awful lot of MTV because it was seemingly the only English station at my relatives' place in Ibiza...and a video I soon found that was in heavy rotation was the new Madonna song, Give Me All Your Love. Now, pardon me if I start rambling here, but SERIOUSLY. Remember when back in the 80s Give Me All Your Love was a Whitesnake song or what certain non-music experts called ZZ Top's single, and Madonna was a sleazy yet talented young singer who made some major contributions to the world of pop music? And so what the hell happened here? Now Madonna, you have aged very nicely but that doesn't change the fact that you are over fifty years old. Some call your recent efforts an attempt to prove that you're still current and popular and defying the title of "aging pop star" which is being placed upon your dyed-blond head, but face it. You ARE an aging popstar who hasn't done anything worth listening to since the 90s. You couldn't just retire and go on writing lame children's books with good morals, and leave us with the image of a pretty, talented musician in our minds, no. You had to just go on anyway degrading yourself to the level of modern pop music by doing just another suck ass song with *shudder* Nikki Minaj of all people. You can't just give it up as you should have a long time ago. Please, Madonna. Leave the trash to the new generation of music and stop contributing to the world of CRAP. We all thought you were a little-just a little-more than that.

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