Thursday, 28 February 2013

Some more senseless ramblings about Joe Lynn Turner

     Today I realized that by far and away, my post titled "Joe Lynn Turner Wore A Wig And So What?" had the most hits. Now, I appreciate it when people go on my blog and read my articles, but honestly. These things take me a lot of time to compose and some of them took a lot of thought and research. That little thing I wrote about how Joe's wig is none of our business was just some little thing I wrote in about five minutes and posted to express my disapproval over things searched concerning Joe Lynn Turner. The fact that that one article has so many hits only continues to prove my point- We shouldn't care about his hair- but everybody does! And all you people are even taking the time to read my article stating that you shouldn't care. Wow. Talk about ironic. I won't be removing the article from my site, of course, considering how much attention it brings to me and my OTHER posts, but it is irritating. Now I know how Supertramp feel when people tell them that Breakfast In America is their best song.

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