Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Complaint About People Who Hate Mainstream Music In Favor Of Crap People Have Never Heard Of

     This message is aimed first and foremost at those pretentious farts who think that commercial music is bullshit, and that it's only worth listening to if 99% of all people have never heard of it before. Music is music is music is music. What makes you happy is your own business, but don't go around telling the world that your taste in music is better than theirs because you choose to listen to less well-known music. Because there are a lot of people out there who do, and to these people...just knock it off. 
     When I'm hanging out, the music I chose to play for myself tends to be the stuff you don't hear on the radio, because if I wanted to hear that stuff, I could just listen to the radio, and I've gotten toured of a good deal of that stuff. I do not consider my taste in music to be superior to the person whose favorite Beatles song is Hey Jude, while mine is The Night Before. It just is, and it doesn't mean anything. (However, I do consider my taste in music to be better than that of the person who listens to Jay-Z and Katy Perry. Understandable...)
     When I'm on my own, I might listen to Tommy Bolin, or Suzanne Vega, or Alcatrazz, or Yngwie Malmsteen. All this stuff I like, and find interesting. But when I throw a party, or when I'm playing music for others to enjoy, I play music that's commercial, fun, and recognizable, because that's the kind of stuff that most people like best, and it's the stuff that reaches the most people. In these cases, I'm inclined to choose Whitesnake, or Cheap Trick, Quiet Riot, KISS, Billy Squier, Bon Jovi. Poison gets a great reaction, people go nuts for Fallen Angel or Cry Tough especially sometimes. People like that stuff and because it's good. Sure, having a taste in music which compromises solely of bands like that is not particularly original, but that is good music, and there's no shame in favoring them.
      So for the handful of people pusher there who are convinced that the best Rolling Stones song is Have You Ever Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadows, well, it's your opinion. But don't cram out down our throats in the name of taste. Music isn't a competition or a religion, it's a matter of taste.

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