Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Alvin Lee Remembered

     And so the first great rock and roller to pass away during 2013 happened today, when the great Alvin Lee lost his life due to complications following surgery. You can't imagine the shock I felt when I logged on to my Twitter account today to find Peter Frampton's comment on Alvin's death- maybe it's the same shock you're feeling now, if this site is the first one to tell you of this? It was a real blow to me. I was just thinking of Ronnie Montrose's death... the epic guitarist of Montrose fame shot himself a year and three days ago from today. I haven't gotten over that yet... and here comes this.
     Alvin was 68 years old. We've lost great rock stars at younger ages but still, any age is too young for the greats, and Alvin was great if anybody was. As well as a handful of other peculiar hair-colored musicians, I call Alvin my red-haired brother... He was a genuinely great guy, an amazing guitar player, a terrific songwriter, and an exciting stage performer. Ten Years After put out the best music of the psychedelic era and some of the very finest British blues, and beyond that, just some very good music in general. Alvin will truly be missed by his many fans- music was never quite the same after him and his legacy will make an impact forever. 

Ten Years After- Woodstock- I'm Going Home

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