Sunday, 3 March 2013

Underrated Musician #7: Mick Mars

     Motley Crue are a band best known for a look: larger than life party boys, who were addicted to everything but who lived through it all. They were dangerous, crazy, vile, self-abusive, and dirty. MTV wouldn't play their videos and sometimes, for good reason. They had a wild image, which attracted plenty of bad attention, but it worked, and very well. They became superstars.

     But like I said, the Crue were mostly known for the look. People tend to overlook the fact that they weren't just some Los Angeles partiers, they were actually musicians, and rather good ones too, who wrote a lot of good songs and put out excellent albums.
     I could put any of the musicians of this band in this feature, but I decided to write foremost about Mick Mars because he seems to be the least well known of the band members. It's unusual for a guitarist to be in such a position; a band's unsung hero is usually a bassist or drummer. This is not the case in the Crue because Mars was the most private member of the band- the other three were more known than he, but mostly for their antics, arrests, and romances. 
     While he did not write the songs or direct the videos, Mick was there at the root of all of them. His signature guitar riffs and licks are what begin nearly all Motley Crue songs, they give them their backbone and make them easily identifiable as the work of LA's most infamous group. Maybe music wasn't all the band was about, but it was the band's foundation, and like many similar bands, it takes an unfair backseat to other factors. The band was always about the music to Mick, their shyest member, and it was truly him which made it great all along.

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