Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Most Important Bands In Rock History (An Alternate Version)

     Who are the most important bands in rock history is a commonly asked question which usually generates the same few answers: The Beatles, the Stones, etc. And while it cannot be denied that band like those are rock's founding fathers, there are others out there too who made a big impact.

     For example, Slade-not T. Rex- founded the glam movement. While Marc was still strumming his acoustic guitar and singing folk nonsense, Slade were defining the look and the sound of what would become the next generation of Anglo-rock.
     David Bowie and others picked up where those guys left off, but glam didn't last forever, and by 1975, most glam bands were a thing of the past. When glam saw its renaissance in the early 80s, in the LA club scene, it was the doings of a Mr Randy Rhoads, who emulated his hero, Mick Ronson, in hairstyle and dress. The look caught on and we have him to thank for Poison, RATT, and the rest.
     How about that good old British power  metal? I believe we have Rainbow to thank for that. I'm not talking about Stone Cold Rainbow, Can't Let You Go Rainbow, I mean the original Rainbow with Ronnie James Dio. They must have been the first British power metal band: Dio is considered to be the king of the genre, and his early recordings with the band were an obvious influence on the rock bands to come. 
     The roots of punk rock are very commonly debated, but I'm gonna have to give the nod to the Stooges, the MC5, that Detroit stuff, and to Led Zeppelin. Calling me a desperate Zep fan? Maybe I am, but listen closely to Communication Breakdown again and tell me if I'm that wrong.
     There you have it, folks: A slightly different take on an often heard question. I hope my opinion was somewhat justified and that you can take something new out of my unorthodox theories.

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