Friday, 12 July 2013

The Censorship of Motley Crue's "You're All I Need".

I'm an honest person, and I can say quite honestly that while hair metal kicked a lot of ass, a lot of those ballads really SUCKED ass. The late 80s turned out a lot of sap. But a couple really, really good songs also came out of that era. Guns N' Roses had Estranged, Bon Jovi had Wanted Dead or Alive. Motley Crue had You're All I Need.
While most ballads traditionally have been about things such as love, or about loved ones passed on, You're All I Need is about both, but it puts a very different twist on things. It's a chilling story of obsession, about a derranged teenager who falls head over heels with a girl who just doesn't love him back the way he thinks he loves her, so he murders her so nobody else can have her.
It's a fascinating song and story. Not only are the lyrics and the story based on an interesting, poignant subject matter,the poetry of them and the style they're written in is genius. Beautiful lyrics accompanied by a haunting guitar solo, a great piano intro, and Vince's dramatic and emotional vocals, with Nikki's creepy lyrics. It's an utterly perfect song. The black and white video suits it supremely well, following the story of the song. It was a well casted, non cheesy video. The whole act screamed of classiness, and I consider the video to be one of the most important ever made: a sad, true reminder that sometimes, obsession can be mistaken for love, and that sometimes love can just go too far.
So of course the video gets banned. Wow. Figures. Motley would go and create such a masterpiece and then MTV would repay them by refusing to play their video. Why? Because the video's depiction of murder was "too violent" for television.
Okay honestly, come on and give me a break. It's not a violent video. It shows the cops cleaning up, it shows the aftermath of the murder, but not a drop of blood is shed over the course of the video. On top of that, back in the eighties even, there was Madonna. MTV absolutely ate her up, playing her shocking videos in heavy roatation. MTV would play Madonna's videos featuring shocking sexuality, which is far more damaging to our society with a video featuring traces of violence off screen. This was all a perfect case of the media overreacting. Motley Crue were a metal band with a bad boy image. Forget the fact that they were louay fighters and sweethearts. MTV saw them as street trash, so their most beautiful video was labelled as street trash.
To me, my friends, this is the ultimate in senseless prejudice. People just want to associate garbage with trash. Motley weren't trash and this video sure wasn't. When it was censored from MTV, a lot of kids didn't see an important cultural landmark and there's a good chance society suffered more from the video's lack of airplay than they would have had the "graphic" video been aired.


  1. I remember when this was banned. Pathetic when it's something that happens in real life...everyday.

  2. Where have I seen the cute blonde girl.another music video ?