Saturday, 16 November 2013

Rainbow Fans Are Rising

You guys may have figured out that I'm a bit of a Tumblr nut and a massive Rainbow fan. Well, my Rainbow love inspired a new Tumblr blog which I'm trying to use to help the band gain some recognition. There isn't enough about them on the web so the blog is here to just bring more Rainbow into your lives and to help introduce some new people to their music, which is so underrated. The blog URL is Even if you don't use Tumblr I recommend you go check it out because it's got lots of cool stuff on it.
It's also an interactive blog, at least that's what I'm calling it because I want people who visit the blog to help it roll. We ask a lot of questions, we give surveys and links to surveys, we answer all Rainbow related questions and we love submissions. Most of all, the blog has multiple authors. We're looking for as many people as we can to sign up as authors and to help make posts, to make this blog as big and versatile as possible. So if this sounds like it might interest you, get on Tumblr and contact me,cause I'd be honored to sign you up! Or if you want more info more directly feel free to kik ilovesnakesabo.

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