Saturday, 8 February 2014

Hair metal blog on the rise as well!

Due to my success of my latest project, the Rainbow fan blog on Tumblr (check that out at I've launched a second blog, similar in plot, only this one is all about hair metal! My goal on this one was to help share fun posts about the popular hair metal bands we all know and love, like Guns n' Roses, Poison, Skid Row and Motley Crue, and also to talk about some of the lesser known and more obscure bands as well, to help them gain some recognition and to help more people find out about their music. Also like the Rainbow blog, this blog can have multiple authors and administrators, so anybody who wants to become involved and help make posts themselves is more than welcome to! Just inbox me on the hair metal blog on Tumblr or in my main account It's an interactive blog too so we hope to involve all its followers by asking questions, creating polls, and welcoming submissions. Hope to see you all there! It's well on it's way to being amazing!

To help set the mood, here's two of the most blond and most beautiful hair metal stars, the awesome Jani Lane and th fabulous Bret Michaels!

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