Monday, 13 May 2013

Liam and Noel Gallagher should knock off the stupid bickering and reunite Oasis already!

     Since the mid 1990s, during which they were arguably the best band around, Oasis founding members, brothers Grimm or Gallagher (whichever you prefer) did little more than reinforce negative Irish stereotypes when they weren't making music. It was quite a funny scenario actually. Liam sang, Noel wrote songs and played guitar. Noel was jealous of Liam because he could sing. Liam was jealous of Noel's ability to write songs and play guitar. The two would go to bars, get drunk, and start fighting until they got kicked out. Oasis eventually split up when the situation reached a point where they just couldn't work together anymore.
     Maybe you're rolling your eyes as you read this. I hope you are, because it really is a dumb scenario. Liam and Noel, you two are brothers, for Christ's sake, and talented ones. You can't just do something like that to your family, and you really left the fans hanging. It's not that the music you've made since Oasis isn't good, it's just that Oasis should still be making music and touring. You're definitely young enough still to have the ideas left, and there is a market for the kind of music you make to attract a young audience. You two should be happy with the abilities you do have instead of wanting to be like the other one, because Oasis was the combined talents of both of you, and neither one of you was more important than the other. Do the whole world a favor and reform Oasis. Get over yourselves. Jealousy is never worth it.

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