Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The 10 Best Songs by Tesla

I'm a shameless hair metal maniac, and am very familiar with all the bands of that late-80s era, and when I say Tesla really were different from the other bands of their day, I mean that very seriously and earnestly. Tesla weren't just good fun and flashy videos like some of their competition, they were a very good band, made up of very good musicians who wrote lots of great, versatile songs.
10) Signs
This cover of the old hippie anthem by the Five Man Electric Band is pretty much the only Tesla song you'll hear up in Canada, which I find to be a bit of a radio disgrace. Or should I say a Great Radio Controversy?
9) Lady Luck
A decent, straightforward rock numbe. Tesla prove to us that rock n' roll was not dead by the glam metal era.
8) Paradise
While not as substantial as some of Tesla's rockers, Paradise is still a rather pretty tune, and one of their most successful numbers to date.
7) Edison's Medicine
Definitely a good high energy rocker, and definitely one of the more unusual song titles I've ever heard.
6) Hang Tough
Jeff Keith dominates this one for me, with his awesome screaming and sweet dance moves in the video. Tesla doing what they do best.
5) Little Suzi
Excellent up tempo acoustic rocker by our Sacramento boys. A humorous tale of wasted prostitutes a la Mott The Hoople's Alice, if not quite as witty.
4) What You Give
This other acoustic number by Tesla is a clear influence on the Black Crowes' sound. The acoustic guitar intro has swagger and attitide for miles, and the chorus is just brilliant.
3) Song And Emotion
My personal favorite Tesla song, from their 1991 album Psychotic Supper, is a touching, beautiful anf soulful tribute to Def Leppard's Steve Clark, who died that year from a drug-and-alcohol overdose. Tesla opened for Def Leppard during their monster 1987 Hysteria tour, which gave them their big break, and I couldn't imagine a nicer hommage to a real guitar god and legend.
2) Love Song
Tesla's most famous song and ballad manages to escape the hair metal ballad mold to create something fresh, original and unique, and still stands as possibly the best of all the power ballads. Guitarists Tommy Skeotch and Frank Hannon show off their classical skills in the song's intro, and Jeff Keith's vocals were never before so controlled and melodic.
1) Modern Day Cowboy
But as good as Love Song is, I'll have to give Modern Day Cowboy the nod as their very best song. It was their first hit, and still stands out to me as the best rock song they ever did. I believe it's about the Cold War... Not sure, but I believe so...

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