Monday, 13 May 2013

Native American Mainstream Musicians

     Just out of sheer curiosity, I did a little research the other day to find out whether or not metal music had any noted Native American musicians. I was actually surprised to find out just how many musicians that we're all familiar with are fully or part Native- here's a quick list:

     I had never guessed that George Lynch was Native until I heard about his Shadowtrain project-  a documentary he's making about Native Americans. Learn more about this at
     Mark Slaughter is either full or half Native. Vince Neil's mom was half Native, and his dad was half Mexican. Just in case you never noticed, his blond hair came from a bottle.

    Besides being French, English and Irish as well, Alice Cooper is part Sioux. Blackie Lawless's mom was either half or full native.. For those of you who thought that W.A.S.P. stood for White Anglo Saxon Protestants, well, most likely, you were wrong. I'm still pretty sure it stood for We Are Sexual Perverts. Testament lead singer Chuck Billy was Cherokee, I believe. 
      Tommy Bolin, the one musician almost everybody is positive is Native, is actually half Swedish and half Syrian. 
    And besides that, the following artists are all part First Nations- Carrie Underwood, Cher, Crystal Gayle, Link Wray, Mandy Moore, Billy Ray Cyrus. Will add more names to this list if I come across them. 


  1. Cher is Armenian and not Native American.

  2. Chuck Billy is Pomo Indian from California NOT Cherokee...

  3. I saw him on Counting Cars and thought "he looks Native American." Low and behold, I guess I was right. He has the facial features. My wife is only about 10% Yaqui and I thought she was Hispanic of Native descent when I met her (even though she is milk white.) Again, I was right. Her grandmother was Mexican Indian (Yaqui). Damn I'm good.

  4. Scott Strapp of Creed...Cherokee. Listen to Weathered album..."What is the Truth" song. Cherokee man sings in native language beginning & end -VERY cool!

  5. And, listen to the lyrics...just about says it of my favorite songs! Love Creed!