Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Origins of the Name Ariel Bender

For a while now I've been searching for the original source.of the name Ariel Bender... I mean, I think it's just one of the coolest rock star names I've ever heard. However, my research has brought me to two different but similar stories as to who came up with the name.
The first one comes from The Man Himself, Ian Hunter. Ian says that the name is linked to an incident following a gig in Germany, when Mick Ralphs was pissed off and decided to bend the aerial on every car on the street. He told this story in the excellent Mott the Hoople documentary, The Ballad Of Mott The Hoople.
Lynsey de Paul, a friend of Mott the Hoople, and the female voice in the bridge in Roll Away the Stone, claims the incident was related to a time when the band was staying in Frankfurt while doing television appearances. The whole band and Lynsey were in a hotel which forced them to all use the same washroom. Luther Grosvenor, as he was known as back in those days, was pissed off, so he went and bent the aerial on their manager's car. Lynsey says that she began calling Luther Ariel Bender, and the name stuck. The story comes from a recent copy of Classic Rock Magazine.
Well, personally I'm more inclined to believe Ian's side of things... But there are two sides to every story, so there you have both of them, and you can believe whichever one you prefer.

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